Saying Goodbye to Menehune Design Group

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Since 2016, Menehune Design Group has been hand-crafting beautiful tiki mugs and other Pacific Pop home decor goods for tiki lovers near and far. Brought together by a shared love of making art and of all things tiki, The Crew of 5 artists and resident dog, Ethyl, has shared countless hours crafting classic tiki and mid-century motifs with a unique twist. Though committed to top craftsmanship, The Crew has also embraced a “lo-fi” and light-hearted attitude about their craft. Each product, with its unique color combinations and features, evokes playfulness and an appreciation for something made by hand.

This same style has been reflected in how they’ve worked together in their welcoming Oakland art studio where certain days were given themes, like vinyl Fridays. With the music genre chosen and played by a different member of The Crew each week, it fostered a fun atmosphere while deepening the bond of the group as they worked on their art together.

Through their art, The Crew has been brought together with an equally welcoming, low-key and fun tiki community. Being a part of this popular yet fringe group has felt like home for The Crew, who has loved all the quirky and cool people who uniquely express their own love of tiki culture. Coming together for events to celebrate tiki has been a refreshing, fun and special experience that has also served to inform their art creations.

Sadly, despite all the talent, passion and love for making tiki art, with the onset of Covid it’s become clear it isn’t a sustainable business endeavor for Menehune Design Group. So now the time has come to close that chapter. A huge relief to many fans and customers, MDG artist Woody Miller will continue his life’s passion of making tiki as a solo artist. And it is certain that more art will be coming from the others of The Crew as well (maybe even from Ethyl, the dog!). As is the case with creativity and life itself, who can say where it begins and ends. We all can’t wait to see what’s next!

Last chance MDG Yard Sale this Saturday, October 17, 10-2pm. Please join us! 385 26th Street Oakland, CA 94612